What is MPLS-VPN?
In severely competing telecommunication network industry, Internet Service Provider must be able to provide scalable and efficient network to satisfy customer demands including security, quality of transmission, and quality of service.
Common VPN types in the market at present:
IPsec, PPTP, or L2TP is IP-based tunnel protocol for the creation of multiple P2P connection. This kind of VPN supports connection between arbitrary points.


VPN can be established using existing Internet environment.



Full mesh configuration is required which is difficult for maintenance. Data flow is on the Internet. Although data is encrypted, there's security concern to be decrypted by hacker. Line is comparatively unstable due to traffic on the Internet.

While the mainstream MPLS is a technology integrating Multi-Protocol Label Switching with routing mechanism of network layer. the fundamental concept is to configure the packet entering MPLS Network into a label with fixed length. In MPLS Network, packet will proceed with forwarding according to label. Label will determine the network path of packet to accelerate packet forwarding speed.



When a new site is added, complicated full mesh configuration is not required with flexible characteristic. Data transmission doesn't proceed via Internet with high security.



It can't be connected with the Internet.


Applicable Object:

Large enterprise.