Island-Wide VPN

Island-Wide VPN Service
Island-Wide VPN
XXXX Group Island-Wide VPN
Description on demand
Data transmission switch via Internet is available at XXXX charging station island-wide in the future. But the Internet belongs to public domain. Plentiful threats and difficulties in data security and maintenance of IT are confronted. Besides, there is network building demand complying with the introduction of new generation POIS system and future expansion demand of XXXX
Status vs Objective
Objective: Introduction of application program for new POS system
Status: Current stability and security of Internet line can't satisfy the requirement of new application program.
Objective: Stable and reliable network transmission environment
Status: Current network framework can't provide 24hrs monitoring platform and better managerial mechanism.
Objective: More efficient IT flow to elevate service quality and performance of the firm
Status: Current manpower of It room is limited. Not only normal operation of system must be maintained but also emergency situations shall be coped with. It's difficult to elevate IT service quality of charging station.